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Order your international passport of the press:
Seize privileges. Profit from the benefits.

The exclusive tool for journalists, press photographer, reporter, press and media representatives: enjoy the coveted VIP status of the press today. As a passport holder you will become a member of this preferred group in a matter of days. Don’t forego benefits you could soon enjoy and order your original passport of the press now. The all-inclusive fee already includes all issuance, mailing (registered letter) and rhe complete processing fees. Note: for the processing is a passport photo necessary. Send us one by e-mail or letter.
 Passport Standard:  Valid through 12/2024 - 197.00 Euro (one-time fee)  |  Details
 Passport Executive:  Valid through 12/2026 - 237.00 Euro (one-time fee)  |  Details
 Passport Ambassador:  Valid through 12/2027 - 267.00 Euro (one-time fee)  |  Details
 Express processing:  Shipping within 5 working days: EUR 32.00
 Shipping with DHL courier service : +EUR 68.00 
 Flat shipping rate:  Document delivery / International registered letter: EUR 10.00
 Used around the world: Passport of the press
Print out: Application

 Salutation:         All entry required!
 Title, First- and Surname:  
 Street and Street number:  
 City (Residence):  
 Country:   -  
 Nationality:    Place of birth:  
 Date of birth:   --  Height/cm:  
 Email:     Phone:  
 Promotion-Code:      (if code available)

 Active as a journalist:    I am active as a journalist and confirm this with YES
 Terms of business (AGB):    I accept the terms of business and confirm with YES

 Press Pass Standard:    Valid until 12/2024
 Press Pass Executive:    Valid until 12/2026: incl. press sign
 Press Pass Ambassador:    Valid until 12/2027: incl. confirmation/two press sign
 Express processing:    Shipping within 5 working days/normal 15 to 20 days

The next steps: you will receive a provisional confirmation, then you can make the payment (bank transfer or paypal). You will be informed of the bank details in the confirmation email.
 Apply Press Pass:
 Check: Are all entries correct?

Clarification: Please note that all data is case sensitive. Data will be input exactly as entered. Country: A Country, not a Federal State is required here (United Kingdom, USA, Germany etc.). The correct entry for both fields under 'Country' would be (for example): UK - United Kingdom or USA - United States or DE - Deutschland.

I shall undertake to utilize the PressPass in conjunction of the performance of my journalistic work only and not for any personal occasions. In the event that I should terminate my journalistic activities, I will return the PressPass immediately.

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