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Security features, legitimization and fees

Are you eager to expand your activities as a journalist, press photographer or reporter and to establish international press and industry contacts? Insiders know that having a passport of the press is key to be successful at these and other journalistic ventures. The document makes an excellent impression on your contacts and identifies the holder  as an esteemed representative of the press. However, this document of identification is not only successfully used by media professionals of all industries, but also by newcomers to the world of the media and the press.

Features, issuance fees and validity:
• Cover: Gold foil embossing on linen structure
• Text components are translated into 20 languages
• Volume: 44 pages with security background
• Pass size: approx. 88 x 125 mm, rounded corners
• Identification number holes: Needle perforated
• Validity: various expiration dates, maxi. through 2024
• Additional details: - Review it here -
 Internationaler Presse Pass
Standard version:  one-time fee for issuance of pass EUR 167
Valid through the end of 2021. Extension optional as of 2022: EUR 48 per annum.
Executive version: one-time fee for issuance of pass EUR 182
Valid through the end of 2022. Extension optional as of 2023: EUR 48 per annum.
The fees due through 2022 are already included.
Include press sign, value EUR 20.
Hereby total savings compared to standard version: EUR 68
Ambassador version: one-time fee for issuance of pass EUR 197
Valid through the end of 2024.
The fees due through 2024 are already included (new pass issued as of 2025).
Includes car press sign, midi press sign and official register confirmation, value EUR 50.
Hereby total savings compared to standard version: EUR 162
Optional services: Express handling/express shipping
Mail out within 72 hours. Europe: 32 Euro
Worldwide: 62 Euro
Standard processing time: 10 to 12 days
 Priority Service
At a glance: Fees and period of validity
Valid until 2021
Valid until 2022
Valid until 2024
 Service fee (one-time fee):
167 EUR 
182 EUR 
197 EUR 
 Costs for 2021:
0 EUR 
0 EUR 
0 EUR 
 Extension 2022 (if desired):
48 EUR 
0 EUR 
0 EUR 
 Extension 2023 (if desired):
 48 EUR 
48 EUR 
0 EUR 
 Extension 2024(if desired):
48 EUR 
48 EUR 
0 EUR 
 Overall cost until 2024:
311 EUR 
277 EUR 
197 EUR 
The fees in other currencys you can calculate with this currency converter: oanda
Special features – the details:
• Special paper with 2-color iris sequence
• Hologram (control label)
• Watermark
• Stitched in foil protects passport photo
• Barcode detection
• Approval number
• Guilloche
• Individual stamping
• Verification stamps
• Entries
• Imprinted certificate of authenticity
• Registration confirmation (central register)
• Encoding
• Initials on all pages
 Internationaler PressePass
Additional entries for:
• Authorizations
• Memberships
• International press charter (excerpt)
Government agency information on topics:
• Journalistic work
• Technical equipment
• Electronic inspections
 Bestätigte Registrierung
Entry areas for editorial collaborations:
• Editorial Cooperation
• Accreditations
• Endorsements
• Journalist legitimation
 Redaktionlle Kooperationen
More benefits: included with the executive & ambassador versions:
Executive: International press sign in 7 languages. Only included with the ambassador version: International press sign in 7 languages plus midi press sign plus official register confirmation. Thus you underline your professional journalist status stylish and appropriate at any time.
 Internationaler PressePass
  Order your passport of the press now and enjoy special privileges:
• Preferred status: For smart professionals
• Go to the online registration: here
• Use on assignments around the globe

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