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The German Association of Press Journalists (Deutscher Verband der Pressejournalisten) successfully supports the press work of numerous associations, corporations and agencies in the sector of online supported mass media. Media success is never a coincidence. Nonetheless, DVPJ Press doesn’t just help journalistic work get a presence in the media. As an international organization for journalists, DVPJ fosters the development of individuals engaged in the journa-listic process (regardless of whether they are full-time professionals or part time freelancers).

The independent news and press portal European News Agency (for more details, please click here: ENA), for instance, offers journalists, newcomers and media creators interesting alterna-tives for the publication of editorial content. Reports, news stories, photos, tradeshow and event information, etc. can be published via ENA, which also provides publication verification services. The organization has the right to issue press documents (e.g. PressPass, editorial passes, press identification cards or international press cards).

1. Who can apply for a passport? What are the eligibility requirements?
Anyone who does journalistic work (regardless of whether the work is done part time, full time or during your time off) meets the eligibility requirements to receive the passport of the press. Regardless of your country of residence, if you are an individual engaged in journalistic work anywhere in the world, you can apply for the passport of the press, no matter what your area of expertise or portfolio.
2. Why do I need a passport of the press? Which benefits will I be able to enjoy?
Having a passport of the press will make your international journalistic work easier. If you are engaged in documentary work, on assignment as a research journalist or as an event reporter, you will often need to gain access to certain events or places (backstage, mixed zone, etc.). A passport of the press facilitates this kind of access. If you need to get information from government agencies, accreditations and perform investigative research for special information, the passport of the press. will also prove very helpful. A special editorial entry can be placed in your pass for these purposes.
3. Who issues the passport ot the press? How long does it remain in effect?

The Association of Press Journalists (Deutscher Verband der Pressejournalisten, DVPJ) is the issuer of the passport of the press. The association has more than 9000 members in 40 countries and considers itself an independent and cross regional representative of the interests of journalists, press photographers, media specialists and PR experts. Within this context, the DVPJ publishes association documents and fosters the sharing of professional information and experiences. The German Upper House (Bundestag) President included the DVPJ e.V. in the public list of Bundestag registered associations (Reg. Nr. 991) pursuant to the GO BT. For further information on the DVPJ please click - here -

The passport of the press can be used around the world and is issued by a government agency registered journalistic association. The passport is the perfect tool for all journalists and media creators (e. g. reporters, press photographers, bloggers, video or research journalists, speakers for organizations and corporations who interact with the press and public relations managers), online and specialized editors. The benefits:

 • Freelancers or press representatives on sporadic assignments are not excluded
 • Simple, forthright and transparent processing
 • The costs for processing, postage and issuance are all included
 • No costly annual fee, fair all-inclusive pricing

Special service: Upon request, you will receive a confirmation that you are registered as a professional journalist with the DVPJ or that you are in a position to do editorial work for news and press portal European News Agency. The DVPJ authorized passport of the press will be valid as of the date of its issuance. For details on how long it takes to issue the pass and about the service fees please click - here -

Europe’s primary address for part-time freelance journalists

DVPJ Press considers itself an independent representative of the interests of press photographers,i nternationally engaged journalists, media experts and reporters. In this context, DVPJ fosters the sharing of professional information and experiences .

The DVPJ is also officially registered in the public list for the registration of associations and their representatives published in the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Reporter #991). The Federal Reporter is published by the German Ministry of Justice (ISSN 0720-6100). The public list for the registration of association is continually updated and can be reviewed at all times on the Internet on the Deutsche Bundestag website. Europe: Since 2007, the DVPJ Presscard is also accepted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg (LOW T02011, Office Domicile, Allée du Printemps, F-67070 Strasbourg).

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